One of the trendiest courses to study in Australia, accountancy or accounting has always been an essential part of the skilled occupations list in the country. Perhaps rightly so, since every business needs accountancy services—whether it be done in-house or outsourced from specialized accountancy firms, like PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers). As most Australian industries need general accountants, taxation accountants and management accountants; accountancy is widely considered as a high-demand course in Australia amongst international students. Jobs in accounting also tend to pay high salaries; which means that if you do decide to settle down in Australia—you will definitely get a chance to enjoy higher standards of living than the average person. Working as an external auditor, corporate treasurer, or even as the head of accounts for an organization could just be some of the roles that accountancy students can choose to pursue or look forward to reaching after they are done with their graduation. Accountancy courses are often accredited by the CPA.

Entry Requirement

Diploma of Accounting

Bachelor of Accounting

Master of Accounting

Career Outcome

Some of the career prospects for graduate of Accounting can include:

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