Early Childhood Education & Care

Early Childhood Education & Care

With an exponential increase in two-income households, the necessity for daycare workers, babysitters, nannies, as well as school teachers has been constantly on the rise. Completing a course in early childhood education and teaching could easily prepare you to work in any of the positions above; or go into research for different organizations that work for research towards childhood development. It is similar to most science-based degrees in that a relevant prior degree will help students understand study material if they do choose to progress in their higher education with the course. However, there are different kinds of degrees in this course that students can aim to go for; including diplomas, certificate courses, undergraduate, postgraduate or even PhD degrees. This degree can also benefit you to bring up your own children someday. Weekly pay is quite good, with Early Childhood (Pre-Primary) teachers getting around 1,488 AUD per week, and Secondary Teachers getting around 1,914 AUD per week.

Entry Requirement

Certificate III + Diploma of Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Education or Early Childhood

Masters of Teaching in Early Childhood

Bachelors in Primary Education

Bachelor of Secondary Education

Master of Secondary Education

Career Outcome

Once you become a graduate in this field, you can choose to work in:

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