For those of you that are interested in studying engineering, Australia is ideally a great place to do so. While you can find many different engineering options to attract your sensibility; electrical, mechanical and civil engineering are generally preferred over most other branches as there is a greater demand for experienced workers in these particular fields on a regular basis. There are more hands-on Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses on offer in Australia compared to what can be found in South Asian Countries like Bangladesh, which will qualify you for engineering associate or engineering technologist positions and can act build a sturdy foundation for your pathway into university. If you are already an engineer in your professional life, a number of Australian institutions also offer different postgraduate programs in engineering (such as the Master of Project Management, Master of Engineering Management), which could allow you to move forward in your career.

Entry Requirement

Diploma of Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering

Master of Engineering

Career Outcome

Some of the career prospects for graduates of Engineering can include the following (depending on your degree and what the job is seeking):

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