Health Insurance

Health Insurance

DHA of Australia mandates all international entrants into the country—students, temporary works or visitors—to have health cover for the entire duration of their stay. All individuals travelling to Australia for a lengthy period of time will absolutely need to have health cover. We can connect you to a number of healthcare providers to choose from in order to have a tailor-made health plan that befits your needs, does not break the bank; and is beneficial to have in the long run.—if you need to transfer from your previous health care plan, get a transitory one or just need better benefits; come and let ION Educational Consultants sort out all your woes.

OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover)

This is the basic health insurance plan that international students need to get if they are planning to go to Australia, and for family members who will be on the same plan. Depending on the provider and plan of your choosing, you could get coverage for only a few things, or for a wider range of services. The OSHC will need to be maintained for as long as you stay as an international student in Australia. If you are about to switch to the 485 Temporary Graduate Visa, you will be required to switch to an OVHC (Overseas Visitor Health Cover) before your OSHC has expired.

OVHC (Overseas Visitor Health Cover)

If you are going to Australia on a short visit, this is the plan that might be meant just for you! This type of health insurance is best suited to people whose visas require them to have health insurance, but their travel insurance will not cover any possible medical costs that they might incur during their time in Australia. If you currently hold a Temporary Graduate (485 subclass) visa in the transitional period between studying and getting a job; this is the health cover you need to get before your OSHC expires. Our reliable team of counselors will help you find the best healthcare.

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