Information Technology

Information Technology

Depending upon which point in your life you are choosing to go to Australia, there are a variety of option that you could study in the field of Information Technology. IT is the umbrella term used to bring up anything that is related to the transfer of information using technology. While Cyber Security or Cloud Computing are worthy study options; a large number of students will often opt to go for the more generic route and study about Software Engineering or Business Analyst. Out of all the industries in the world right now, the IT sector is perhaps one of the few that has been growing in leaps and bounds. If a fast-paced and diverse career is what you ultimately seek; and you want to work in an industry that will be morphing and growing forever—then IT might just be your dream course.

Entry Requirement

Diploma of IT

Bachelor of IT

Master of IT

Career Outcome

Some of the career prospects for graduate of IT/ ICT can include (depending on your degree specifications):

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