Social Work

Social Work

Does the idea of helping others entice you more than doing anything else in the world? Do you find joy in knowing that you are helping humanity? If the answer to both of those questions is a resounding yes, you may find a solid footing in the job market if you study social work. Students who wish to undertake social work as a career option need to know that in today’s world, social work has become even more vital to improved human existence. The rise of social media and rapid growth of the IT sector have been leading to people’s detachment from the real world; leading to emerging issues amidst different age demographics. Depression, substance abuse, mental health issues are only a few of the problems that are leaving devastation in their wake. As a student of social work, you could build a career that not only helps you attain your own career goals; but helps you build a life that also enables you to enrich other people’s lives in whatever they are lacking. Admissions in social work courses are fairly straight-forward and mostly open to all streams of study. However, students who hold degrees in any social science or humanities degrees usually find it easier to absorb whatever is taught in this field.

Entry Requirement

Bachelor of Social Work

Master of Social work (Qualifying)

Career Outcome

Career opportunities can include the following:

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